Q and A with Graham Mink

Former Catamount and NHLer, Graham Mink took some time to answer a few questions about collecting.

Q. Do you remember the first autograph you ever signed? If so, where and when was it?
A. The first autograph I ever signed was after a hockey game my freshman year at UVM. It was pretty akward as I was not expecting it and I got a little embarassed.

Q. Do you collect anything? Or have autographs? What's your favorite piece of sports memorabilia?
A. I used to collect baseball cards and I have a whole bunch of them stashed at my Dad's house. Mark McGwire was my favorite player growing up and I have pretty much everyone of his cards.

Q. If fan walks up to you and has 20 cards for you to autograph do you sign them all or do you hesitate and ask "why so many?"
A. I have no problem signing 20 different cards, but 20 of the same would be a little extreme. I don't care if people sell them to make money, not like they are going to get rich off me anyway! I just dont want to spend 15 minutes signing the same card over and over, especially if other people are waiting and I need to get to the rink to get ready for the game!

Q.Have you ever had a fan be to aggressive in trying to obtain your autograph?

A. I have never had any issues with anyone that has asked for my autograph.

Q. Your Favorite hockey card you've been pictured on?

A. I like the Clader Cup Championship cards for obvious reasons! Hopefully they will produce another one next year!

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