Camden Riversharks @ Long Island Ducks, Sept. 10, 2011

September 10, 2011

Camden Riversharks @ Long Island Ducks

Bethpage Park, Central Islip, NY - This weekend was going to be my last outing of the season, and to my surprise the Ducks had a pre-game autograph session on a Saturday. I saw some other collectors there who weren't prepared but I was.

I was finally able to get the Ducks coaching staff (minus Bud Harrelson). Kevin Baez did 7/7, Jay Loviglio did 2/2, and Steve Foucault did 4/4.

I was surprised to see J.R. House not catching (he actually played first base). I asked him about his 10 TD's in the 1997 Virginia state championship game and he said it was "cool." J.R. signed all 11 cards for me.

I still had a few cards leftover from some of the other guys so I just got them signed. John Rodriguez did 2/2, Ruddy Lugo 2/2, Jeremy Hill 2/2, Javier Colina 1/1 (he signed it in black sharpie and was made because he realized I wanted it in blue, nice guy), Matt Esquivel 2/2 (customs), Matt Padgett 3/3 (2 customs), Kennard Jones 2/2 (customs) and Lew Ford 3/3.

I was also able to get newly acquired Josh Banks on 6/6, and Erick Monzon 4/4 (including 3 customs, 1 set card).

After the game was over I walked over to the Ducks clubhouse and saw Tom Pennino who did 5/5 (customs), and Mike Loree who was walking into the clubhouse for the second game stopped and did 3/3 (customs).

While the Ducks are a great signing team the Riversharks were much different and not as good. After the Ducks autograph signing I walked over the Sharks side and saw Toby Hall walking away. I waited a little while and eventually he walked over to me and signed 7/17. He also told me he'd get me later if he had a chance because he was tired from the bus getting in at 4am (did not get another chance to get him). He did something cool for a fan and autographed his own bat and handed it to the fan...pretty cool.

As the players came out no one was really into signing. J.R. Mathes walked by me but told fans he was signing because he was pitching...understandable.

Ruddy Yan came out and told me he'd sign after he warmed up, and he did 1/1. Juan Francia said the same thing but came over right before the game was about to start and did 2/7. He told me he'd do the rest later (didn't get another chance to see him). While I was talking to Francia Fernando Hernandez walked by and I was able to track him down and he did 3/3 for me. Same thing with Mumba Rivera, 1/1.

Alvina Colina came out and didn't sign for anyone. He told us he'd sign after the stretched and then came back and did 1 for a kid and that was it. After the game was over he was outside the locker room but said he'd sign later, but never did.

Players who I missed were Brian Burgamy, Willie Otanez, Humberto Sanchez, and Manager Von Hayes. Also, Jake Dittler, Josh Towers, Jay Marshall and Jason Johnson were inactive and not with the team.

I'll be going to the Sunday game but will have my 2 year son with me so I won't be getting autographs. Here's the total from an okay weekend.

Ducks autographs:62

Riversharks autographs: 12

Total Autographs: 74

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