Brutal week for Isles...

It was a brutal week for the Islanders as the dropped all three games including two to the rival Penguins. Two of the games they dropped were by one goal. This was a major issue last year as the Islanders lost over 24 one goal games last season. If the Islanders aren't going finish games then they definitely aren't going make the playoffs.

Another issue is the carousel of goalies. I know GM Garth Snow is a former goalie but using three different goalie rotation is a little crazy. The Islanders need some consistency in net (thought none of them have played great or terrible). Personally, I've always like Nabakov but I think he could be used in a trade to bring in another forward with another team. Last year before he was claimed off waivers by the Islanders he was on his way to Detroit. I think that would be a good fit for him, and they could give a young forward. I really think the Islanders need a passer to set up their scorers because right now they just aren't putting the puck on the tape.

Also, the Islanders honored the 1992-93 Islanders. I remember that team not having big stars but a lot of heart and grit.

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