Indy leagues get ready for 2012

Baseball history Blogger, Andrew Martin sent me this link today.

With the release of the Atlantic League schedule earlier this week, and after communicating with a GM in the Atlantic League it's apparent that the Loudoun Hounds will not be playing next season in the Atlantic League because their stadium will not be complete. Obviously, we'd like to see the Hounds next season, and I'm not sure how close the stadium would be to being finished by seasons start. I emailed the Hounds a few weeks ago and got no response.

Also, as I've noted before the Sugarland Skeeters will be entering the Atlantic League next season, which will make for some interesting travel. At first I thought it was a waste to put one team in Texas but Ducks Owner/League CEO Frank Boulton confirmed before the sec
ond game of the championship series that the Atlantic League is looking to put a four team division in Texas.
This would be a huge step in expanding the Atlantic League, and giving fans and collectors more teams to c
hoose from (also more Road Warriors). reports that Atlantic League is looking for ownership groups in the following areas. (Also, see).

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