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I'm adding a new section to my blog called "Venue Review" where I review venues and teams I've visited and review how my experience was. I hope this help other fans when they attend these games.

The Adirondack Phantoms are the AHL affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers, located in Glen Falls, NY. The Phantoms moved here a few years ago after playing many season in Philadelphia.

Over the summer my daughter and son completed a summer reading program for the Phantoms which resulted in them each getting a free ticket voucher to a game. A few weeks ago the vouchers arrived and we called to redeem our vouchers. The vouchers were only good for two games Oct. 8th, and October 14th. I was away for the game on the 8th so we choose to go on the 14th.

The ticket voucher game with a letter stating to call, write or go in to the ticket office get your tickets. So I called up and the person on the other end didn't seem to have a clue about what I was talking about. Ultimately, he handed the phone to the ticket manager who was able to order them over the phone. After I hung up I had a question/concern about parking, so I called back and instead of getting, "Hello, Adirondack Phantoms." I got, "Hey Corey, what do you need?" I thought that was pretty unprofessional. Also, I was never told where my seats were going to be and since my daughter has Autism we need an end seat.

My concerns about parking were justified when I got to Glens Falls. I was told that parking was available for free in a lot near the arena. I tried three different lots and were told they all charged. So finally I decided to park on the street but was told by a parking lot attendant "you can only park on the street for 2 hours or you'll get towed." She repeated this as her lot filled up. However, the Civic Center website clearly states you can park on street for more than 2 hours for Civic Center events.After we parked my daughter had a little walk up the arena, and had to wait in line while we picked up our tickets at Will Call. One thing stood out to me at the Will Call window. No one checked for my credit card or ID, so you could steal my credit card number and call up and get tickets.

Also, when I entered the arena my bag wasn't checked, and there seem not to be much security.

After we got in the arena I noticed that not only was it a "Kid's reading night voucher game," but also $2 beers. Really? What kind of person plans a game where kids are being rewarded for reading and then has $2 for people to get drunk. The $2, were also being served prior to the game, and up until 7:30, so by the time everyone got there they would be pretty well liquored up.

As we entered the arena we were shown where out seats were which were on the other side of the arena. I took my daughter to the bathroom and we proceeded to our seats.

The arena has a nice lay out with a concourse level you can walk completely around and could stand at the top of and watch the game. Bathrooms are located in the four corners of the arena so you can't have to walk to far.

Finally we arrived at our seats which were awesome, and on an end so if she needed to get out we could. The ticket guy definitely came through.

However, there was no net in front on the ice to protect us from pucks, so I was constantly having to check the ice. They did mentioned over the PA that they could move your seats higher up if you were concerned about this (I think next time I will).

As the announced the starting lineups I noticed how terrible the PA announcer was. He was almost mocking the visiting teams in his voice. I thought it was pretty corny.

Finally after all the pregame festivities the game started and I was really into it. It was pretty good action!
Towards the end of the first period of my daughter asked for ice cream, so we walked to a concession stand and were told that they didn't have ice cream but Dip n' Dots (these are dry ice dots that melt like ice cream). I didn't know if my daughter would eat them. I asked if they took credit card but they said "no." However, most all of the rest of the concession stands did. So I passed on the Dip n' Dots and we walked around the arena a little bit more. Finally be daughter looked a little tired so we left.

Overall, it was fair experience. Here's some tips I'd give to people thinking about going there.
  • Make sure you find out where your seats are before you go to the arena. There is no netting on the sides of the ice and pucks will fly into the stands. If you have kids I suggest sitting as high up as possible so you aren't in the line of fire.
  • Park on the street and save yourself some money. Even though parking attendants say you can't park for more than 2 hours, read the clip from the Civic Center web site above.
  • Like most sport events, bring cash and call ahead to see what food options are offered.
  • Plan your event if you going as a family not around promos like $2 beers. Even though this coincided with the reading voucher next time I'm going to ask for another game.

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  1. Not too surprised about the parking. They lot operators will tell you anything they can to make a buck. Kinda surprised about the credit cards though-- even the KYC here is starting to take them, and even our Guest Services table just started taking them for Chuck-A-Pucks and game programs and such. The net thing is pretty standard; most rinks only have it at the ends around the goals once you get to the junior levels and higher. Basically the same as baseball-- they put it where the likelihood for injury is the highest.


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