Heritage Park...Like It Was Never There

I moved to Clifton Park, NY about five years ago. Clifton Park is located about 15 minutes north of Albany, and 8 miles away from Albany International Aiport. Fifteen years ago Heritage Park was across the street from the airport. Once the home of the Albany A's (1983-84), Albany-Colonie Yankees (1985-1993) and it later became the home of the independant Albany-Colonie Diamond Dogs (1995-2002).

The Albany-Colonie Yankees were the Double-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, and Heritage Park was the home of Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams and Andy Pettitte at one time.

The team was actually owned by Frank Boulton, owner of the Long Island Ducks/Bridgeport Bluefish and founder of the Atlantic League. He had hopes of moving the team to near his home on Long Island but the Mets invoked territorial rights, and eventually the team moved to Norwich, CT.

After the Yankees left the field was vacant for a couple years but was later occupied by the Albany-Colonie Diamond Dogs a member of the Northeast League/Northern League. The Dogs were Northeast League Champions in 1996, and Northern League Champions in 1999.

In 2002, the Diamond Dogs ceased operations after financial problems do to competition from the Tri-Cit Valley Cats and their new park, Bruno Stadium in Troy, NY.

The park deteriorated to a point of non-repair, and most of it's structured removed or stolen. 

After living here for a almost five years I decided to venture to Heritage Park see what was left of it.

Here is a picture of what is left of Heritage Park

It's hard to tell where I was standing, but I'm pretty positive I was where the outfield fence was. It was pretty eerie being where this field once was. I never went to a game there but a lot of history was played at this park. The foundation of the 1990's Yankee dynasty was laid at this field. It's just a shame it's gone.

I looked online and found out the field field was demolished in 2009. However, some people said it happened more recently. There is no sign that a baseball field, cheering crowds, bats cracking and the smell of popcorn were ever here.

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  1. I was a bat boy in 1989 for the A-C Yankees when I was 12, and it's so sad to see this photo... So many memories in the clubhouse with some future baseball greats. Amazing that theres no sign it even existed.


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