Jeremy Lin...The Disappointment

I'm not sad that Jeremy Lin is leaving the Knicks and signing with the Rockets...that's business. I am however disappointed in the Knicks, who kept their fans waiting until the last moment and didn't come through. It's apparent they didn't want to offer him a contract which would included a massive hit against the luxary tax in the future. But it was a more apparent that they wanted to go in a different direction on the court.

The Knicks could have made their plans clear to Lin and their fans earlier on, which would have prevented a fall out. 

Lin was a bench player before coming to the Knicks, but was successful when called on in the "Mike D'Antoni system". Eventually we all have to come back down to earth, and Lin eventually did. I'll admit when I watched him it was exciting, and for the first time in years I wanted to watch basketball.

After D'Antoni was fired Lin struggled in the "Mike Woodson system," and "Linsanity", as exciting as it was, only lasted for a couple of weeks. 

Lin is a good guy, and great ambassador of the game, but he didn't fit well with Stoudemire and Anthony. Only time will tell if Lin is a super star or a ship passing in the night.

I don't think the Knicks will be contenders in the near future. They are building a house of contention. I never liked the acquisitions of Anthony or Stoudemire, but in a "win now" city it was the only option. Big names sell tickets, but in most cases don't win championships. The reason the Miami Heat were able to do it is because they were able to put their egos aside and play for a common goal. As much as people dislike Lebron James it's obvious he is a team player (this is coming from a life long Knicks fan). Even Kobe and Shaq put their egos aside to win a couple championships.

On a team full of egos, the Knicks may have let the only player without one go.

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