London Rippers In More Trouble

The London Rippers, an independent baseball team located in London, Ontario is in trouble again. Apparently, this time it has to do with not paying their rent for their team store.

The Rippers were in the news last year because of a controversy over their name "Rippers," and their mascot which is a "Jack the Ripper" look-a-like.

Right now the Rippers are in last place in the Frontier League with a 20-36 record, and are drawing the lowest attendance in the league with 856 fans a night.

If you ever get a chance look up all the different independent and affiliated minor league teams around North America. There are so many teams, and every year teams fold. I thought the Rippers had a niche being in Ontario, Canada where minor league baseball is non-existent. They also had a pretty cool logo, while a little's still pretty cool.

I didn't think a new minor league team would need a team store. I know many minor league teams that don't have a team store, and do fine selling merchandise. Most teams actually sell most of their stuff online. It's just interesting to see how some teams can flourish with the right business plan, while other teams struggle.

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