Keeping The Faith: Drafting The Wilson's

Last fantasy season started off so promising for me. I thought that I was going to be flying high with LaGarrette Blount, DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart as my running backs, and Carson Palmer, Colt McCoy and Blaine Gabbert as my quarterbacks. However, the ride became very turbulent and my fantasy season came crashing down. I was deserted on a desert island with nothing.

I waited all off season for someone or something to save me and finally in a distance I saw it. It read "Wilson." Not just one Wilson, but two.

Okay, enough with the "Castaway" references.

Going into my keeper league draft this year I knew I was in desperate need of running back and a quarterback.  I knew with the #4 pick in the draft I wasn't going to be able and get the top running back in Trent Richardson or either of the top quarterbacks in Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. I set my sites on trying to make the most logical decision possible to help my team win.

I decided that my need for a running back outweighed my need for a quarterback. I was currently carrying three quarterbacks on my roster, and this years draft was loaded with them, so I set my sites on the best available running back for my first pick. Here's how I ranked the top three running backs on the board.

#1 - Trent Richardson
#2 - Doug Martin
#3 - David Wilson

I knew Richardson was going to be gone after the first two picks so I was faced with either Doug Martin or David Wilson. Both would fit my team nicely.

For my second round pick I needed to get a qaurterback. I knew Luck and RG3 wouldn't be there, so I looked down the line and saw that Russell Wilson was having a good preseason. I always liked Wilson at Wisconsin, and thought maybe he could be the steal of the draft.

Photo Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Finally the draft had arrived and as expected the first two picks were Andrew Luck #1, and Trent Richardson #2. The next pick shocked me as a huge Redskins fan passed on RG3 in favor of Doug Martin. Now I was faced with either drafting RG3 or sticking to my game plan and taking David Wilson. I stayed the course and took Wilson. Even though I like RG3, I needed a running back more.

The picks started to fly off the board and finally I was up once again, and sure enough Russell Wilson was available. With a click of the mouse Russell Wilson is my future.

I'm extremely happy about both of my picks. I think David Wilson will become the Giants feature back and one day and his versatility lends himself to big fantasy numbers. While Russell Wilson possesses a cannon arm and he understands the game. In a few words, "he gets it."

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