Keeping The Faith - Quarterbacks

Here's the second part of my blogging series about my keeper league football team called, "Keeping The Faith."

I've been a part of one of the most competitive keeper leagues around called the Tri-State Football League. I originally started this league in 2001, but handed off the commissioner reigns to my brother in the second season. You can check out the league website here.

It seems like quarterbacks have become a forgotten part of fantasy football with so many quality ones. The lack of production out of my running backs has made me rethink who my starting QB should, or if I should try and trade for one.

My starting quarterback right now is Carson Palmer. Yes, Carson Palmer. He once showed glimpses of greatness but like many of the Southern Cal to come out over the last ten years has under performed.  Last season, he came to Oakland a few games in the season and didn't do much to drive up his stock. While he has a great arm, he makes too many bad decisions, especially when trying to fit the ball into tight coverage. He'll get no help this season, especially with the receiving he'll have. I'm definitely looking to trade him.

Blaine Gabbert is a work in progress but the Jagaurs have him on a short leash with the signing of Chad Henne. Jacksonville has completely revamped their receivers adding Laurent Robinson, Lee Evans and Zach Miller. They also drafted the best receiver in the draft, Justin Blackmon. I think Gabbert is going to surprise some people. However, defensive's might not respect the run and just sit on the pass if MJD work out his contract issue. That could be a major issued for Gabbert.

Both Colt McCoy and Matt Moore look to be handing to reigns of their starting job to Rookie QB's. While I think McCoy could keep his job for a little while, Matt Moore will most likely become a back-up. Didn't this just happen to Moore a few years ago in Carolina? I'll most likely drop Moore.

If I'm unable to get a #1 running back in the draft, I'm going to take a hard long look at Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. I think Luck is going to take a while to became a fantasy stud, while RG3 could pay off instantly. Outside of those two guys there isn't anyone else I'm "in love" with.

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