Keeping The Faith: Wide Receivers

Here's the third part of my blogging series about my keeper league football team called, "Keeping The Faith."

I've been a part of one of the most competitive keeper leagues around called the Tri-State Football League. I originally started this league in 2001, but handed off the commissioner reigns to my brother in the second season. You can check out the league website here.

Out of all the positions on my roster, I feel most confident in my receivers. I don't have a huge fantasy stud, but I do have some solid receivers who could turn into a stud.

Hakeem Nicks was the Giants number one receiver last year until he was injured and Victor Cruz stepped up. Nicks was very inconsistent as a fantasy performer last season. He either has a huge game or does nothing. His targets will likely go down because of Cruz and the addition of running back David Wilson. However, I'm not sold on Cruz and I think Nicks will eventually emerge as the Giants number one receiver.

The days of the diva wide receivers seem to be over but DeSean Jackson remains. After going public with his contract dispute last season the Eagles gave him a huge contract. The Eagles will need to use Jackson's big play ability if they hope to make the playoffs this season. Last season he lost targets to LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin but should get them back, since neither player showed ability to make a big play. Jackson will be a starter for me, especially since we get points for punt return yards.

Kenny Britt can be a number one fantasy receiver if he stays healthy, which he hasn't been able to do through out his career. He's also had issues off the field. Physically he's a top ten receiver in the NFL, but mentally he has a lot to work on. If he's healthy he could be a beast, especially if Jake Locker lives up to expectations. He's a solid number two.

Michael Crabtree had a solid season for the 49ers last season, but he'll lose targets to newly acquired Randy Moss. However, I think the 49ers will throw the ball more with their aging running game, which could give all the 49er receivers more chances. Crabtree could have a break out season.

Anquan Boldin's best days are behind him. He's become a possession receiver in a run first offensive. He's a bye week filler.

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