The Atlantic League On Display

As important as tomorrow's start may be for Roger Clemens, it may be more important for the Atlantic League.

The Atlantic League has been considered the best independent league by players but has been at times been mocked by fans and national analysts who haven't taken the time to understand the league. To many it's a "bush" league but to the fans who understand and follow's way of life.

The Atlantic League will be on display tomorrow, showcasing one of their original franchises in Bridgeport, and their newest, Sugar Land. The league will have the opportunity to show the baseball world that not only is the league "legit" but that it's worth going to see.

The Atlantic League hasn't seen this much national attention since 2007 when Jose Offerman attacked Matt Beech with a bat during a game. This time the league can leave a better impression on the baseball world.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow with Clemens or the out come of the game. The league and it's players will get the attention it deserves. It's inevitable that fans will do online searches about the league and it's history, and maybe those fans will get to learn about the great careers of players like Josh Pressley, Jeff Nettles, Jesse Horrelbeke and Ray Navarrete, who never made it to the major leagues but became legends. And maybe players like Luis Lopez, Shea Hillenbarnd and Joey Gathright will once again be remembered as major leaguers. 

While the Atlantic League can't offer the highest quality of baseball, it can offer the highest level of passion for the game. None of the players are becoming rich from playing in the league, but every day they suit up and play the game they love. They walk onto the field and see the fans that have become friends and many cases family, and smile.

The Atlantic League is special, and they have an opportunity to show a national audience how special it is tomorrow.

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