7(6) Questions With Robb Stauber

Former Los Angeles Kings goalie, and Hobey Baker Award Winner Robb Stauber took some time to answer some of my questions.

CM: What was it like to the Hobey Baker Award?
RS: I never expected it! It means more today.

CM: Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when you were drafted?
RS: Duluth, Minnesota, I was sitting at home watching T.V., it was totally unexpected.

CM: What was your favorite moment in your hockey career?
RS: Making it to the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament

CM: What was your favorite moment in the NHL?
RS: L.A. Kings, and our run to the 1993 Stanley Cup

CM: How did you get involved in playing Bandy?
RS: The U.S. Team needed a goalie and they tracked me down and ask if I would play, and I said yes!

CM: What have you been doing since you retired from hockey?
RS: I own and operate a training center for goalies in Minnesota., http://www.goalcrease.com

You can read about Robb's career by visiting his Wikipedia page!

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