Dave Reece: The First University of Vermont Hockey Player In The NHL

Here's a trivia questions for all the Vermont fans out there, Who was the first University of Vermont hockey player in the NHL? Dave Reece.

Reece is also known for another trivia question. He was the goalie in net when Daryl Sittler set the NHL record for most points recorded in a game with 10 (6 goalies, 4 assists) in 1976.

Here's a great link about Reece's career, and at the bottom of the post you can read some great comments by fans. 

Dave Reece seems to be the only autograph that may elude my UVM autograph collection. I previously sent a couple custom cards to his home address in hopes of getting them signed, but didn't get a response. I also sent him an email, but received no response.  I'm hoping that eventually I can add his autograph to mine and Jake's collection.

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