Ducks Announce 2013 Promotional Schedule

The Long Island Ducks announced their 2013 promotional schedule today. The promo schedule is filled with many giveaways, including the traditional Bud Harrelson bobblehead on August 22nd. The Ducks will also be giving away a commemorative 7 pin collector set, through out the season.
In addition to the giveaways there will be many fireworks games, and theme nights including Italian Heritage, and Irish night.
Overall, the promo schedule is solid, but I'd like to see more "relevant theme" nights. Many teams are now doing a Star Wars themed night which always  sells out at other venues. Also there is no team card set giveaway (there wasn't one last year), which was a result of inability to find a sponsor.
One thing that isn't mentioned on the promo schedule is that every Sunday there is a pre-game autograph session where fans can get autographs of players and coaches.

Update: 2:00pm.
Just noticed that Ducks GM Mike Pfaff tweeted that only 49 of the 70 promo dates were announced today. So there is more stuff to come, stay tuned.

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