Ducks Offer Season Ticket Holder Referral Program

The Long Island Ducks announced last week they are giving $100 to season ticket holders who refer a new person to buy season tickets. There is no limit, and it's $100 per season ticket sold. I think it's a great promotion for season ticket holders.

You can see that the Ducks are trying to jump start more ticket sales which have declined over the last couple years.

As I've stated in previous blog posts I think the business model needs to change for the Ducks. The Ducks don't market their players or coaches to the general public to bring in fans, and many people are confused on the level of play it is, and who the Ducks are.

I've talked to numerous sports fans who still think they are a minor league hockey team, while others think it's a low level affiliated team. With that being the case, why are people going to purchase tickets when they don't know what they are buying? When I buy something I want to know what I'm getting for my dollar.

The competition only gets harder for the Ducks with the New York Mets now offering more games with their $23 Power Pack.  For $23 you get a ticket, and food vouchers for a soda, hot dog/hamburger, and fries. Also, depending on the game you go to you get a promotional item like a bobblehead. The Ducks do offer free parking which the Mets don't (parking for the Mets is about $20).

In terms of season tickets it's difficult as a parent to commit to buying season tickets with the changing schedules of my kids. So I normally buy single game tickets a couple weeks in advance when I know their schedules.

Many businesses are also weary about committing to buying season tickets. We are caught in the middle of recession and many business would rather cut out a perk like season tickets, than laying off employees.

I don't have a degree in marketing, but I've been in sales in various fields for over a decade. In order to bring in ticket sales the Ducks will need to inform people about what they are, who they are, who plays for them, and what they offer.

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