UVM Game Worn Jersey Collection

While I was surfing the internet and came across this awesome collection of UVM game worn jerseys. When I was in college I worked part time at the University's Property Control Warehouse, which recycled materials that university no longer wanted. One time we picked up a dozen boxes or so of game used warm-up jerseys. One of the boxes had a few of the authentic game worn jerseys. A few of them this guy no has. At the time we were instructed to remove certain numbers, obviously Perrin, St. Louis, Thomas, and a few others. The rest were sold at the warehouse to the general public. I got one for $50, but ultimately sold it a few years later for $300.00. I wish I would have kept it. This is still a pretty cool collection. He also has professional jerseys of UVM Alumni.

J.C. Ruid Jersey from 1994-95 season

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