7 Questions: Former Vermont Catamount J.C. Ruid

Photo via UVM Athletics
Former University of Vermont and professional hockey player, J.C. Ruid took some time to answer "7 Questions."

CM: What was your favorite memory while playing at UVM: 
JC: My favorite memory at UVM was the moment we won the game against Lake Superior State to go to the Frozen Four.  It was a moment of accomplishment and satisfaction that I will never forget!

CM: What do you think of UVM fans?
JC: I think the fans at UVM are incredible!  They are loyal and realize that you are a person.  If there is a bad night they look beyond the idea that the team lost, but realize that we tried, and are human and make mistakes.  They care about us more than just on the ice!

CM: What was your reaction when you saw the puck go in the net, and you guys lost in the 1996 Frozen Four to Colorado College?
JC: My reaction after the goal went in against Colorado College was disbelief, for two reasons. First, I knew it was a hand pass and was waiting for the officials to signal no goal. Second, I did not think in a million years we were going to lose. We were out playing them and had won so many close games that there was no doubt we were going to win that one.

CM: Who was your favorite teammate of all-time?
JC: Martin St. Louis was my favorite team mate of all-time!!!  He is someone who talks from his heart, no matter what it is.  He is caring and genuine and comes from a great family!  Even with all of his success he does not forget that he was just some college kid at one point.

CM: What was your favorite stop during your career?
JC: My favorite stop would be tough as there were a few that really stand out.  I played in three different European countries. All were special in their own way.  Denmark was a great place because the people have a great way to view life and live.  Austria was amazing in the culture and history of the city I lived in.  France was amazing because we lived in the heart of the Alps and the mountains are incredible. Asheville, North Carolina was a beautiful area and community. I enjoyed going for hikes and spending time doing a variety of activities.  Roanoke, Virginia was fun for me because I have family there, so it was an opportunity to spend time with a part of my family that I do not get to be with very often.
CM: What was the highlight of your career?
JC: It is hard for me to pick a highlight of my career because to me it was the life. I had many wonderful experiences that mean more than scoring a goal or winning a game.

CM: Since your retirement from hockey what are you doing?
JC: I'm an accountant, and married with two boys, ages three and one.

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