Atlantic League Trying To Speed Up Games

Here's a great post by Ducks season ticket holder, and Contributing Blogger to LI Ducks Blog, Tom Stryjewski about the Atlantic League trying to speed up games.

I've always thought that Atlantic League games were a little longer than other minor league games. I remember being at game in 2004, and Sparky Lyle must have changed pitchers 7 times, and maybe the maximum amount of visits to the mound for each pitcher. The game ended close to midnight.

I think shorter games will ultimately result in more ticket sales, as well as more interest in games because fans won't be as concerned with rushing home to go to bed to get up the next morning for work. I also think parents will be able to stick around for full games because their children's attention span won't wander, and turn into "Can we go home yet?" I think it's a great move.

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