Long Island Ducks Roster By The Numbers

The Long Island Ducks roster is loaded with former major league players and talent this season. Many have joked that the Ducks could compete with major league teams, so I thought it would be interesting how they would match-up on paper against the major leagues, and last years championship team.

I decided to use a formula to figure out what level of play can be expected this season.

I've ranked each level of play in professional baseball on a point system (see below).

MLB Level - 5 points
AAA Level - 4 points
AA Level - 3 points
A Level - 2 points
Independent - 1 point

I totaled up the Ducks roster (highest level in which each player has played) for this season which came out to 98 points. I then divided that by 27, which is current number of players on their roster, and you get 3.62. That would place the level of play to be expected somewhere between Triple-A and Double-A, which is what many scouts have said the level of play in the league is. Clearly, not near major league level.

Compare this to the 2012 team, which had 179 points, and 42 players on their roster the entire season. They came in at 4.26, slightly above Triple-A level but not quite major league level.

While this years roster may have more big name players, the level of play on last years team may be overall better. However, I doubt this will discourage players from going to watch players like Vlad Guerrero, Dontrelle Willis, Ramon Castro, Ian Snell and Josh Barfield. Only time will tell how the 2013 team will fair.

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