The Swagger Of Matt Harvey

2013 Topps Heritage - Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey continued his dominance yesterday by taking a no-hitter into the seventh inning before giving up a solo home run to Justin Morneau of the Twins.

Harvey is a bulldog on the mound. It looks like he's pitching with a chip on his shoulder, and not only wants to get people out, but make a statement with every strikeout. He's intense, but controls his emotions and puts it into his pitching. I feel like with every strikeout he should be saying to the other team, "Have a seat!"

What's even more important about Harvey is that he's a realist and learns from his mistakes. He knows when he makes a bad pitch, and owns up to it. Very rarely does he make the same mistake twice. He has a short memory, and doesn't let a mistake linger like many other pitchers.

I've been a Mets fan my whole life, and this is the first time I've seen Mets pitcher with this type of swagger. Harvey doesn't have to tell you he's going to beat you, he shows you not only with his stuff but his body language.

This is only a small sample of Matt Harvey, but it makes Mets fans want more.

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