Carlos Zambrano Possibly to Phillies Not Ducks

Rumors are swirling around the internet that former All-Star pitcher Carlos Zambrano has signed with the Philadelphia Phillies, and not the Long Island Ducks. (you can translate this by using Google Translate) However, the Phillies have not made a formal announcement and there is no news about it on the transaction wire.

It's always interesting to see how rumors get started about players moving teams. It's very feasible that the Ducks signed Zambrano, and then his contract was sold to the Phillies, but no one really knows because the Ducks never announced that they signed him. At this point it is clearly speculation.

Here's what I wrote in my previous post about the reports that Zambrano signed with the Ducks

"According to reports the Long Island Ducks have signed former big league pitcher Carlos Zambrano. However, no public announcement has been made by the Ducks."

Chris Coltillo of CLNS Radio initially broke the news about Zambrano signing with the Ducks.

I also followed up a former teammate of Zambrano about the signing, and he claims the Zambrano did sign with the Ducks.

So as of right now this is all up in the air. No one really knows where Zambrano is going to land until someone makes a public announcement.

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