Game Photos: So. Maryland Blue Crabs @ Long Island Ducks, May 26, 2013

Here are the game photos from May 26, 2003 between the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs and the Long Island Ducks. The Ducks won the game 3-2 behind a strong pitching performance from John Brownell.

Dan Lyon makes a throw to first

Newly acquired Murray Watts

Ryan Mulhern makes the play at first

Bud Harrelson and Ray Navarette talk at first

Bryant Nelson

Ray Navarette turns second

Murray Watts takes a throw at first

Ryan Mulhern pulls into second with a double

Ducks pitcher John Brownell

Kevin Hankerd takes a hack

Former New York Met, Ramon Castro

Wade Korpi with the delivery

Wladimir Sutil tries to drop down a bunt

Murray Watts slides into second (Rian Kiniry coaching first base)

Play at the plate with Ray Navarette, shot 1

Play at the plate with Ray Navarette, shot 2

Play at the plate with Ray Navarette, shot 3

Dan Lyons practicing between innings

Perfect fundamentals from P.J. Phillips

Brian Barton lunges for a pitch

Dan Lyons turns the double play

Crabs catcher Jose Salas

Josh Barfield as first base coach

Dan Lyons

Kevin Hankerd and Patrick Osborn after Hankerd's solo shot

Pitching coach Steve Foucault has a meeting at the mound

Dan Lyons bobbles a ground ball

Jose Julio-Ruiz takes a cut

Bryant Nelson with the throw to first

Up and in to Ray Navarrete

Patrick Osborn gives Logan Williamson the hook

Gaby Hernandez with the pick off throw to first

Jared Lansford trying to close out a win

Ramon Castro with the throw to first

John Brownell and Ray Navarette

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