Is Vladimir Guerrero Really Coming To The Ducks?

Since Vladimir Guerrero signed with the Long Island Ducks on April 4th fans have wondered when the future hall of famer will arrive on Long Island.

Ducks General Manager Mike Pfaff has repeatedly stated that Vlad is taking care of personal issues in the Dominican Republic and will report as soon as things are situated. 

However, many fans are beginning to talk, and are saying the signing was a publicity stunt to lure more fans into Bethpage Ballpark which has seen a decline in attendance over the last couple seasons.

I don't see why the Ducks would use this as a publicity stunt when they already have a few marquee players in Dontrelle Willis, Ian Snell, and Ramon Castro. Sure, Vlad would be a great addition to the team but a player of that caliber has earned the right to name the terms on when and where he wants to play baseball. Sometimes fans forget that players are people and they have personal issues that need to resolved, so in all fairness to Vlad we need to respect his situation, as well as the situation the Ducks are in. To say it's a publicity stunt is unfair.

More than anyone I want to see Vlad on Long Island, but I want to see him there happy, healthy and ready to play the best baseball he can play. I don't want to see a distracted player concerned with personal issues hundreds of miles away. When Vlad arrives, Vlad arrives.

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