Mets Need to Send Ike Davis Down

2013 Topps Heritage - Ike Davis
Going into tonight's game against the New York Yankees, Ike Davis is hitting .152. Yes, .152.

The player who the Mets thought would be their franchise first baseman for years to come has struggled over the first parts of the last two seasons. Davis finished last season with respectable power numbers, 32 home runs and 90 RBI, but his batting average was a dismal .227.

Over the last two seasons Ike is hitting a combined .210.

In 2010, Davis came up to the major leagues with some fan fare, and impressed that first season. People were expecting bigger things out of him in 2011, but he was derailed by an injury and missed almost the entire season. Before he was hurt he was hitting .302 with 7 home runs and 25 RBI in 36 games.

It's obvious that Ike has the talent to be a solid major league first baseman, but he needs to work out his swing, confidence, and overall game. It's possible that the injury Ike suffered in 2011 could still be in the back of his mind.

With the Mets season going nowhere, the organization needs to send him down to the minors to work things out, so when they are competitive in the future he can contribute. I felt this move should have been made last year, but it's easy to second guess the Mets at this point. Also, being away from the New York media and scrutiny should be a breath of fresh air to Ike. 

Hopefully Ike can get his head back together, and be the player that we all hope he can be. The one thing you always fear if and when a player gets sent down is that they won't produce in the minors, and they'll fall further into a funk. It's a risk the Mets will need to take if they hope to get Ike back on the track. 

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