Mystery of Stuffed Animal In Ducks Bullpen Solved!

Here's what my sources told me about the stuffed animal taped to the flag pole next to the Ducks bullpen.

"The mystery has been solved. It seems that when the team was in Lancaster, one of the players won this at one of those claw games.  The players decided to take it out to the bullpen for the next game and they won.  They then brought it out to the bullpen for the home opener and they won again.  
Did this creature possess mystical powers that would start bringing wins to the Ducks?  Knowing how superstitious players are,  they thought they found their good luck charm.

They brought it out to the bullpen for Saturday nights game and it got it's first loss.  They gave it another chance on Sunday but this time they taped it to the flagpole.  Unfortunately it produced another loss.  The player I spoke with said the creature was taken apart one piece at a time and won't be seen again."

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