Nabokov Needs To Be Perfect To Force Game 7

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If the New York Islanders are going to force a game 7 against the Pittsburgh Penguins, goalie Evgeni Nabokov needs to perfect tonight in game 6.

Nabokov has posted a 4.69 GAA (goals against average) with a .847 save percentage so far this playoff season. Pittsburgh benched Marc-Andre Fleury who had better stats than that (3.40 GAA and .891 save percentage).

At times Nabokov looks like he could shut the other team out, and then he gives up one goal and the flood gates open. Many of the goals he's allowed this post season have been easy saves that just eluded him.

The Isles defensemen have been solid, laying out block pucks, and making Nabokov's job easier. However you can see they are getting tired trying to keep up with the high octane offense of Pittsburgh. Nabokov needs to step up. They need Nabokov to make the easy saves.

The Islanders also haven't been an offensive juggernaut scoring 2.8 a goals a game during the post season. But that's only slightly lower than their 2.89 goals per game during the regular season. While 
Nabokov posted a 2.50 GAA, and a .910 save percentage during the regular season, over a goal less than in the playoffs.

He needs to be perfect if the Isles hope to force a game 7.

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