Autograph Outing: Long Island Ducks, June 21, 2013

Castro signing autographs before the game
I'm finally finishing up getting the autographs of a few of a Long Island Ducks I needed from this season, as well as getting my 1985 custom retro set done.

This past Friday night I made it a mission to have Ducks closer and former major league pitcher Leo Rosales sign the four cards I had of him. However, I figured I'd get some of the extra cards Drew Pelto sent signed as well.

Prior to the game I was talking to a few fans near the tunnel to the Ducks clubhouse and noticed Ramon Castro come out. I asked him to sign my cards and like always he signed all the cards, 5/5.  Earlier in the week I found a Topps card with him and Mark Buehrle celebrating Buehrle's no-hitter, and gave it to him.

After the game I was waiting for Rosales and was able to get Ben Broussard to sign 6/6 for me. I've heard pretty mixed stories about Ben, but every time I talk to him he's really nice and just thankful to be playing baseball again. While Ben was signing I missed Josh Barfield.

After that Joash Brodin walked by and we talked about the article I wrote on him. He's such a humble guy who loves playing baseball. Great to see in this day and age.

After taking to Brodin, I was able to get Bob Zimmerman to sign a 2012 team set card. and Eric Niesen on a card also. Eventually former big leaguer, Bill Hall came out and signed one per for everyone there.

Finally Leo Rosales came out (he was the last one out of the club house)  and signed all four cards for me. He was a pretty nice guy.

Overall I got 18/21 signed, missed out on Josh Barfield, James Houser, and Dontrelle Willis.

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