Game Photos: Bridgeport Bluefish @ Long Island Ducks, June 26, 2013

Here are game photos from the game between the Bridgeport Bluefish and Long Island Ducks on June 26, 2013, at Bethpage Ballpark.

The Bluefish won the game 7-3.

Matt Way

Daniel Mayora with a cut

Bill Hall catches a pop fly

Prentice Redman waves at a pitch

Kelvin Villa

Ramon Castro

Joash Brodin rips another hit

I'd be smiling to if I was hitting .335

Josh Barfield

Brodin steals second

Bill Hall

Brodin scores the first run of the game

Bill Hall

James Simmons

Dan Lyons catches the pop up

Adam Bailey
Brandon Chaves swipes a bag

Iggy Suarez

Rian Kiniry and Bryant Nelson

Bluefish meeting

Dan Lyons drops down a perfect bunt

Joash Brodin

Ralph Henriquez rips one foul

Bob Zimmerman

Luis Lopez

Daniel Mayora rounds the bases after crushing a home run

Nick DeBarr

Kevin Baez makes a pitching change

Josh Lansford with the delivery

Dan Lyons makes the play

Winston Abreu

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