Game Photos: Newark Pilots @ Albany Dutchmen, June 9, 2013

Today I went to the Albany Dutchmen and took pictures of their game against Newark for the team and my blog.

Dutchmen games are pretty laid back and family friendly. If you want to get up close and personal with a team, then this is the team to watch.

It's also extremely affordable.

Visit their website for more information about tickets!

Here are the pictures from today's game against Newark.

Jack Wietlispach makes a throw

Matt Gallup with a pick-off attempt

Zach Remillard takes a cut

Zach Remillard

Nate Rupiper coming home

Tyler Orris with a throw to first

Nate Rupiper from Memphis

Matt Dacey from the University of Michigan

Nate Rupiper

The rundown down part 1 - Rupiper gets caught

The rundown down part 2 - Stops!

The rundown down part 3 - Goes back to first

The rundown down part 4 - Stops Again!

The rundown down part 5 - Gets interfered with!

The rundown down part 6 - Looks for the call

Jack Wietlispach make a throw

Zach Remillard makes a throw to first

Jack Wietlispach taking a ground ball

Jack Wietlispach makes a throw to first after a diving stop

Matt Gallup with the delivery

Lukas Nethaway tries to drop down a bunt

Tyler Orris taking a lead off second

Anthony Marks looks to drop down a bunt

Marks runs it out

Nate Rupiper with a throw to second

Ethan Humbert with a delivery for Newark

Danny Crowe takes a swing

Outside the Dutchmens' dugout

Scott Matthews gets hit with a pitch

Dylan Collet

Tyler Orris turns the double play

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