Game Photos: Sugar Land Skeeters @ Long Island Ducks, June 21, 2013

Here are the game photos from June 21, 2003 between the Sugar Land Skeeters and the Long Island Ducks. The Ducks won the game 9-6. 

Ramon Castro makes a throw down to second

Former Milwaukee Brewer, Bill Hall makes the throw to first

Steve Moss swings and misses

Adam Bailey

Koby Clemens makes a throw to second

Josh Barfield crushes a home run

Scott Elarton with the delivery

Bill Hall

Josh Barfield with the throw to first

Aaron Bates

Eduardo Perez fouls a ball off

Matt Way

Koby Clemens with a dribbler

Adam Bailey scores a run

Ben Broussard

Ramon Castro hits a dinger

Rounding the bases

Meeting at the mound

P.J. Phillips adds another home run

Touch 'em all!

Coming home

P.J. Phillips

Adam Godwin connects

Former Pittsburgh Pirate, Ian Snell with the delivery

Bryant Nelson touch home, after crushing a home run (Photo taken by Howie Kaplan)

Pete Budkevics

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