Long Island Ducks Concept Uniforms

I've been meaning to put this up on my blog for a long time now, but here is some concept uniforms for the Long Island Ducks that were posted on a message board by scottysprings in March 2005. 

These are just concept uniforms that a fan designed, and were never intended to be used by the Ducks, but they are still pretty cool to look at. 

Even though these concept designs were made over eight years ago they are still pretty cool. I love the color schemes, and scripts on the uniforms. I was never a big of the black in the Ducks uniforms and hope they bring back the green. The Ducks did wear similar green uniforms in 2002, but eventually did away with them. 

2002 Long Island Ducks - Kevein Baez
The hats are similar to the Lake Elsinore Storm, and Hudson Valley Renegades which I like. It's a little different then your traditional hat.

It seems like the Ducks alter their uniforms every season, hopefully they'll take these designs into consideration. However, I doubt it since they've been online for over eight years.

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