Mike Pfaff, Handling the Vladimir Guerrero Situation Great! Stop Asking!

Mike Pfaff, via his twitter account, @LIDucksGM
Baseball fans are still wondering if future Hall of Famer, Vladimir Guerrero is going to play for the Long Island Ducks this season?

The answer is simple. No one really knows.

I have to applaud Ducks President/General Manager on keeping his cool while he waits for answers on Vlad, especially with all questions being thrown at him from the media and fans.

As I've stated in previous posts, Vlad signed with the Ducks, so if any other team wants to acquire him, they'll have to go through the Ducks. I don't think this was a publicity stunt. Sometimes issues come up, and it takes time for a player to resolve them before he can leave for months on end.

Do I wish Guerrero would come to the Ducks? Absolutely. But until we get an answer from Mike Pfaff, just stop asking!

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