The Mets Are Losing Fans, But Don't Care! - A Bad Citi Field Experience

It's very easy for me to say that the Mets are losing fans and don't care. I have no data to show they are statistically losing fans, but I'm sure I could find some.

My whole life I've tried to defend the Mets decisions, and tried to be a supportive fan. However, they are making it harder and harder to do that.

Over and over we are told by the Mets brass to be patient as they rebuild the organization. Why though? It's the New York Mets! They play in the biggest market in the United States, and should be able to find the resources to win. Why should fans suffer because of stupid financial decisions a terrible owner has made. We spend our lives investing our time into a team, while the people making the decisions treat the fans like crap. So why should Met fans care?

We care because we are loyal to the orange and blue.

I had two incidents over the last two months that make me not want to go back to Citi Field until changes are made. One person won't matter to the Mets, but it seems like thousands don't either.

Earlier this season I went to a Mets game on April 21st, which was the day after my birthday. I purchased the tickets prior to the Mets promotion where you get a free ticket on your birthday. I emailed the Mets to ask if they could upgrade my seats because I wasn't able to make the game on the day of my birthday, because I was traveling. I had purchased $22 power pack tickets, and asked to be upgraded to the $37 field level version. The Mets replied back that there were no upgrades or offers, and you needed to use the offer on date of your birthday, no exceptions. This was pretty interesting coming from a team attempting to get fans back into the seats. I eventually went to the game and noticed the whole  $37 power pack section nearly empty.

Around the 2nd inning of that same game a "large" women came to sit in her seat next to my friend. She was "spilling over" onto his seat, which was making people feel uncomfortable. I have nothing against people who are big, but was difficult to watch the game. Instead of drawing attention to the situation we left our seats and went to the level below us to switch seats. As we tried to enter a different section we were stopped by ushers who asked for our tickets. We told the ushers about situation in our original seats but were told by two ushers that we couldn't sit in the section. As we peered over to the section. We noticed it was completely empty. We tried to reason with the ushers and they both said no. One of their exact qoutes were, "If you pay for $20 seats you sit in $20 seats. If you pay for $90 seats, you sit in $90 seats." I told the usher the seats were empty and it wasn't hurting anyone,  and he said "The Mets don't care that's there policy...they'd rather have empty seats then to give them away to people who pay for $20 seats." We spent the rest of the game walking around the stadium like nomads.

Pretty pathetic for a team trying to bring fans into an empty stadium. As a life long Mets fan it makes me sick to think the Mets can't do something for their fans in either instance. It's a shame such a lovable organization has become so intolerable.


  1. Could the Mets have handled things differently and gotten a fan to rave about their wonderful customer service? Sure.

    Considering that the place does look half-empty most of the time, it would have been smart.

    On the other hand, the free ticket on your birthday promotion is a free ticket offer - there's nothing wrong with the Mets sticking to their limitation on it.

    Did you try to move to a different seat in your price category? I've never run into a problem moving around the upper deck, so long as I stayed in the upper deck.

    If I paid $90 to sit in the lower level & saw people being moved downstairs, I would stop buying the more expensive seats - that's got to be a concern for the policymakers too.

  2. Yes, I understood it was a free ticket offer but you'd think they could do something. Many organizations will do something to just accommodate the fan, for future income.

    Also, there were no other seats in that section, so we went down to the first level. We didn't know the cost of those seats, but since they were empty we didn't think there would be a problem.

    The overall attitude of the ushers was pretty bad. Their demeanor was terrible, it seemed like none of them wanted to be there, and didn't seem to want to help fans at all.

    The problem with the Mets in terms of attendance is they are overall more expensive than most other major league organizations, and instead of lowering prices to fill seats they'd rather keep them high and leave them empty.

    I know you pay attention to detail, so you probably notice all the empty seats on TV. It's pretty inviting to fans to get out there and watch a game in an "empty" atmosphere. It honestly reminded me of the Expos towards the end of their time in Montreal. Slowly but surely people stopped coming, because ticket prices were high and Olympic Stadium was empty all the time. Once their front office realized this and lowered prices it was too late. We all know what eventually happened to the Expos.

    I don't think anyone is mad about sitting in $90 seats and watching people move down. I think people are more concerned with buying $200 seats and watching the Mets lose.

    You just think the Mets would have better PR and customer service considering their current situation.


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