Tidbits from an interesting last few days...

Messin' with Dontrelle
Over the last few days I've experienced some interesting stories...

At Friday night's Long Island Ducks baseball game, Dontrelle Willis was sitting at the end of the dugout. A few fans were standing in the walkway taking pictures of the game. We decided to just snap a few pictures off of "D-train," and mess with him a little bit. He noticed, and called one of the guys over and said, "Don't be creepy over there, come over and see say hi!" and shook his hand. As the guy walked away, Dontrelle said, "Hey! I'm just kidding!" and laughed. Apparently if you mess with Dontrelle, he'll mess with you.

During the same game, the Skeeters' Jeff Dominguez accidentally let go of his bat which flew into the stands, hitting a couple of fans in the legs. As ushers and medical staff rushed over to help the fans, Dominguez asked for his bat back. The Long Island faithful were not happy as the rained boo's down on Dominguez. The Ducks dugout also showed their displeasure heckling Dominguez. Soon after a few balls were tossed to the injured fans including an autographed ball from Bud Harrelson. Classy move by Bud and the Ducks. (The fans were not seriously injured, just a couple bruises)

On Saturday night, after a long day at Hershey Park we drove to our hotel in Lancaster, PA. Whenever we are in Lancaster we always have dinner at the Iron Mill Brewery, which is near Clipper Magazine Stadium, home of the Lancaster Barnstormers. I had never seen Clipper Magazine Stadium, so I asked my wife if I could walk over there with my son while we waited to get seated for dinner. The walk didn't seem to far, but it was a haul! In between the shopping center where the restaurant was and the stadium are railroad tracks. In order to get over the railroad tracks you have walk over an old rickety bridge. My son Jake, and I braved the bridge in 90 degree heat and walked what was probably about a mile to the stadium. It was definitely worth the walk to see a very nice ballpark and go on an "adventure" with my son. The walk back was even more grueling, but we made it.

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