A Greeting Card To Baseball...Here Come The Mets

Last night Peter Gammons was on MLB Network talking about the Mets, I don't remember his exact quote but he basically said the Mets went down hill after Carlos Beltran looked at the called third strike in the 2006 National League Championship Series. I couldn't agree more...

From epic collapses to bad front office moves, and just bad baseball, the Mets have been the butt of many jokes since 2006.

Yet, this All-Star Game game may be the the unofficial greeting card to the rest of the baseball that the Mets are back.

When Harvey takes the mound on Tuesday night, people will take notice. Not only from watching on television but in the dugouts. Met fans know how awesome Harvey is, it's time for the rest of baseball and the world to find out.

You also can help but to be impressed with David Wright this week, who has been a great ambassador for the Mets and Major League Baseball, especially in the wake of the most current PED scandal.  Wright has shown that there are still good guys in baseball. 

The Mets future was also on display this weekend with Noah Syndergaard and Rafaeal Montero starting the Future's Game. Both looked outstanding and are well on their way to the major leagues in the next year.

If this wasn't enough for Mets' fans to smile about, Jeff Wilpon said that with some big contracts coming off the books, the Mets will be investing money in players to make the team better. This is something we haven't heard in a long time.

The Mets have also put on a tremendous party as hosts of the 2013 All-Star Game. It was great to show the rest of baseball, and the country what a great ballpark Citi Field is, and how great Met fans are. 

The Mets probably won't make the playoffs this season, and they may not even make it over .500, but they are setting up a team and "culture" that will hopefully produce many winning seasons.

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