Game Photos: Aberdeen IronBirds @ Tri-City ValleyCats, July 9, 2013

Here are photos from the game between the Aberdeen IronBirds and Tri-City ValleyCats on July 9, 2013, at Joseph L. Bruno Stadium.

The IronBirds came back from 2-0 deficit to tie the game up in seventh inning, then scored six runs in the tenth inning to beat the ValleyCats 8-2.

Mark Appel, the first overall pick from the 2013 MLB Draft, looked solid in his second professional outing. He worked three scoreless innings, allowing only three hits while striking out five.

Mark Appel, first overall pick in the 2013 MLB Draft.

Astros Roving Instructor, Vince Coleman talks to some players before the game


Exchanging lineup cards

National Anthem

Jared Breen
Jake Rodriguez chats with Mark Appel

Vince Coleman

Conrad Gregor
Scott Kalush makes a throw to second

Ronnie Mitchell

Janser Severino was solid for the 'Birds, and kept his team in the game

Ryan Dineen grabs another bat

Ryan Dinnen takes a swing

Jake Rodriguez with the throw to second

Scott Kalush tries to lay down a bunt

Mike Yastrzemski connects

Play at the plate

Anthony Vega catches a ball in front of Manny Hernandez

Chan Moon

Evan Grills with the delivery

Manny Hernandez fouls one off

Thomas Lindauer with some ups!

Lindauer with the tag

Ronnie Mitchell on deck

Michael Martinez crushes a home run

Rounding third

Tony Kemp

Take out slide!

Mound meeting

D'Andre Toney

Chan Moon takes off for second

Jared Breen connects

Grills with the play for first

Alex Santana

Kris Richards with the throw to first

Anthony Vega

Kevin Comer

Chan Moon

D'Andre Toney out at first

Chan Moon with the throw to first

David Richardson

Scott Kalush connects

Ronnie Mitchell

Luis Alvarez

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