Game Photos: Cooperstown Hawkeyes @ Albany Dutchmen, July 29, 2013

Here are game photos from the game between the Cooperstown Hawkeyes and Albany Dutchmen on July 29, 2013 at Bellizzi Stadium in Albany, NY. The Dutchmen fell 5-1.

Bryan Carr

Ben Hall

Zach Remillard

Nate Lotze hits one into the ground

Zach Remillard with the throw to first

Cameron Day follows one off

Bryan Carr with the delivery

Bruan Ruhm with the throw to first

Gage Griffin

Nolan Ray

Anthony Marks lays down a bunt

Marks beats out the throw

Matt Dacey

Bradley Noland

Bryce Anglin

Nolan Ray takes a hack

Tyler Orris makes the play

Chris Bianchi

The catch

The tag

Brian Ruhm

Gage Griffin makes the play

Brian Ruhm makes the throw to first

Bradley Noland rips one

Noland takes off


Brendan O'Reilly bunts one into himself

Chris Bianchi makes contact

Teddy Cillis tagged out at second

Anthony Marks

Marks easily steals second

Nick Davey

Talking things over

Mound meeting

Tyler Orris

Chris Suseck rips one deep

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