The Rebuilding Of A Keeper League Team, Part 1 - The Draft

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The rebuilding process of my keeper league team began last season when I drafted David Wilson and Russell Wilson in the draft.

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While the pick of David Wilson didn't pay immediate dividends I'm hoping that this year he'll turn into the featured back that many people projected him to be. The Giants must have felt comfortable with Wilson's production toward the end of last season, because they released starting running back, Ahmad Bradshaw.

Russell Wilson was great last year, and while I knew he was going to be good, I didn't think he'd be that good. I now have the cornerstone of my keeper league team for years to come.

With all that being said, I still finished in last place in 2012. My running back situation was a complete disaster and continues to be. A few years ago I had the genius idea of trading for DeAngelo Williams and then drafting Jonathan Stewart. In 2010, it seemed their platoon was going to work but over the past few years it's imploded. What makes matters even worse is that I've tried to trade them and no one is interested.

Since I finished in last place last season, I get the first overall pick in my league's draft this season. As I've looked around the scouting reports, one player has stood out to me and will most likely be my first pick, running back Giovani Bernard.

(AP Photo/Michael E. Keating) (The Associated Press)

Bernard is an explosive player who poses both the ability to run the ball but also to catch it coming out of the backfield. He has a very similar skill set to the Ravens' Ray Rice. Bernard will most likely start the season as the Bengals' number two running back behind BenJarvus Green-Ellis, but could be their featured back by the end of the season.

A lot will happen between now and my fantasy football draft, so this isn't set in stone, but I'm confident that Bernard will be my guy with the first overall pick.

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