"Where's Corey?" Blog Contest, Win Free Autographed Cards!

How many people remember the picture book, "Where's Waldo?"  Well, here's a game for my readers, "Where's Corey?"

The winner of this contest will win five autograph cards (see picture)!

Here's what you need to do!

Here are three pictures at three totally different baseball venues. In order to win the autograph cards you'll need to identify where I am, either by what I'm wearing or where I'm in the picture (you can circle me in the pictures and email me them.) You'll also need to identify what venue I was at, and what teams were playing. Email me your answers at corey42080@yahoo.com .

Once you do this tweet me @corey42080 with the hashtag, #foundcorey.

First person to answer correctly, and tweet me, wins the cards!

If you read my blog regularly this should be easy.

One entry per person, thanks. Contest ends July 17, 2013, at 11:59PM

 Here are the pictures:


1 comment:

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