Game Photos: Eastern Division Championship Game 3, Albany Dutchmen @ Amsterdam Mohawks, August 4, 2013

Here are photos from Game 3 of the Eastern Division Championship series, between the Albany Dutchmen and Amsterdam Mohawks on August 4, 2013 at Shuttleworth Park in Amsterdam, NY

The Mohawks defeated the Dutchmen 9-4 to advance to the PGCBL Championship series against Elmira.

Exterior of Shuttleworth Park

Interior of Shuttleworth Park

Staying loose before the game, Anthony Marks plays umpire and Tyler Orris as catcher

Mohawks team meeting

Dylan Collett warms up in the bullpen
The Dutchmen

National Anthem

Anthony Marks

Bradley Noland looks to lay down a bunt

Anthony Marks heads for third

Tyler Orris

Keith Skinner talks to Trey Wingenter

Tyler Orris

Marks scores the first run of the game

Matt Dacey fouls one off

Dacey squares one up

Jordan Ebert

Dylan Collett

Luke Nethaway

Nick Morton

Kyle Barrett

Tyler Orris makes a throw to first

Nick Morton

Josh Gardiner

Play at the plate!

Nogowski gets around Nethaway

Nethaway with a last ditch diving effort

John Sansone

Mound meeting

Shane Zimmer rips one

Chris Suseck

Justin Brock fouls one off

Jordan Ebert with the throw to first

Luke Nethaway

Skinner slides home safe

Trey Wingenter

Anthony Marks dances off second

Marks slides in clearly safe but was called out by the empire

Matt Dacey crushes a home run

Matt Dacey and Nick Davey

Dylan Collett

Sean Spicer

Skinner gets drilled with a Spicer pitch

Justin Brock tries to beat out the throw to first

Nick Morton fouls one off

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