Game Photos: Bowling Green State University @ Union College, October 12, 2013, Messa Arena, Schenectady, NY

Here are some photos from the college hockey game (I only stayed for one period) between Bowling Green State University and Union College on October 12, 2013 at Messa Arena in Schenectady, NY.

Tomas Sholl #1

Tomas Sholl #2

Tomas Sholl #3

Alex Sakellaropoulos watches the play behind the net

Mat Bodie

Sholl with a save

In the crease

Working the puck
Tomas Sholl #4

Alex Sakellaropoulos #1

Alex Sakellaropoulos clears the puck

Traffic in front of the net
Sholl plays the puck behind the net

Sholl watches a shot go behind the net

Camden Wojtala chases down the puck

Wojtala goes into the corner

Alex Sakellaropoulos #2

Tomas Sholl #5

Tomas Sholl slides across the crease

Sholl makes a save

Face off

Kevin Sullivan looks for the puck

Tomas Sholl #7

Daniel Carr

Alex Sakellaropoulos #3

Alex Sakellaropoulos #4

Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor passes the puck

Bringing the puck up ice

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