Baseball Weekend...Mets, Braves, Ducks, Bluefish, Autographs, Photography, and Blogging

I guess I could say this is unofficial start to my baseball season (even though I went to a Mets
game a few weeks ago and sat through rain and 40 degree temperatures).

Hopefully this weekend will be filled with a lot of baseball and cool experiences.

(Photo Credit/Corey Mansfield)
The weekend starts with a trip to Flushing, NY to watch the Mets play the Braves with my friend Howie Kaplan. We'll be heading over a little early to hopefully score some autographs of some Mets and Braves. I've never really "graphed" the Mets before at Citi Field so this should be interesting. While almost any Met or Brave would be a nice edition to my collection I'm hoping to get Wright, Harvey, Wheeler, D'Arnaud, and Lagares. I know that's a reach by I'm going into it thinking positive.

Hopefully we don't freeze like we did a couple weeks ago, but we probably will since we are sitting in seats 506, but who can turn down $3.50 seats and a free t-shirt. 

On Saturday, I'll be venturing over to Central Islip, NY for the Long Island Ducks Fan Fest. I'm excited to get a chance to meet some of the new Ducks, as well as to visit with some returning favorites like Joash Brodin, Lew Ford, Dan Lyons, and Adam Bailey. It should be a great time. After the fan fest the Ducks will take on the Bridgeport Bluefish in an exhibition. This will be my first chance of the season to get some Atlantic League photos. Those pictures will be up here on Saturday night.

(Photo Credit/Corey Mansfield)

Finally, Sunday I'll be going back to Citi Field to watch the Mets take on the Braves again. This time I'll be sitting much closer and will be with my father, daughter, and cousin. My daughter Emma loves baseball games so we should have a lot of fun, plus after the game she'll get a chance to run the bases. Since we'll be sitting  much closer to the field I'll get a chance to take some great pictures of the Mets and Braves. Zack Wheeler is pitching so I'm hoping to take a picture I can eventually get signed and framed.

Overall, it should be a great weekend if the weather cooperates. So let the season begin...

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I'll be at the Bluefish spring training game today vs the Ducks. Its still colder than I would like but I'm ready for some live baseball so I'll deal with it. After that the only baseball in my life will be on TV...unless I can get my fiance on the ferry to head to Long Island--doubtful. I'll be checking in for you pics!


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