Chris McClendon and Cody Puckett Will Have Huge Seasons On Long Island

Over the last four seasons I've seen a lot of baseball. From the major leagues to minors, from independent to college. While I'm not a scout...I do consider myself a pretty good judge of talent. After having done some research and watching first hand, I think Chris McClendon and Cody Puckett will have big years for the Long Island Ducks.

Chris McClendon has been tucked away in the Frontier League for the last five seasons. He's a solid hitter with calm hands and who is very selective with the pitches he swings at. In 309 at-bats last season he only struck 50 times. He finished 2013 with a .327 batting average, 7 home runs, 49 RBI, and a career high 14 stolen bases in only 82 games for the Gateway Grizzles. If he can stay healthy and in the lineup his numbers translate into a .300 batting average with 13 home runs, and 80 RBI during a full season, something he's never done during his professional career.

(Photo Credit/Corey Mansfield)
Cody Puckett has had a lot of success during his time in affiliated ball. In 646 minor league games he has 94 home runs, which is pretty impressive for a guy who is only 5'9" tall. He has raw power and takes a hack every time he swings. You'd think with a player who swings that aggressively would have high strikeout numbers but he doesn't. He won't hit for a high average but can drive in runs and hit the ball out of the park.  He should be able to handle Atlantic League pitchers having played at the AA and AAA levels before in his career (which is what people believe Atlantic League pitching translates into in affiliated ball). I'm looking for him to hit .270 with 20 home runs, and 90 RBI if he stays the full season with the Ducks.

(Photo Credit/Corey Mansfield)

I suggest highlighting these guys on your scorecard because they both should have big seasons.

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  1. Hmmm...interesting. I tend to give AAA the most wait went trying to judge what a guy will do in the Atlantic League. How does the Frontier league compare? Do they get as many AAA and MLB guys? My guess is you MIGHT be a little disappointed with McClendon :) Especially when he sees that Ohka knuckleball LOL And 90 RBI for Puckett **SMH** guys hardly crack 75 in this league. They will indeed impress if they live up to the expectations. Can't wait to check them out at the Yard. Go Bluefish!


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