Mets Finally Move On From Ike

It was no surprise that the Mets traded Ike Davis on Friday. However, fans were still a little shocked that it finally happened. For the longest time it seemed like an idle threat and possibly a rumor, but it finally happened.

One of the last images of Ike Davis in a Mets uniform. After taking BP with Mets on Friday he was traded to Pirates (Photo Credit/Corey Mansfield)

I wasn't an Ike Davis fan, I'll admit that. I think he was over hyped by the New York media. Yes, he did few a couple good seasons but they weren't in succession but rather sporadic. Just when you thought he was turning a corner...he didn't.

This isn't all on Ike, the Mets are also to blame. The Mets had no clue what to do with Ike and wavered so many times I got old reading about it.  Apparently, he was a good clubhouse guy which maybe the reason he wasn't given so many chances. Though in the end their indecision may have hurt his career. 

Maybe a change of scenery is what Ike needed. 

Last night, in his debut with the Pirates, Davis went 2-for-3 with two runs scored (the Pirates still lost).

I'd like to see Ike rebound and have solid career and ultimately I think he will. I just don't think the Mets could afford his inconsistency at this point in their rebuilding process. They had too many first baseman and too many other holes to fill. Only time will tell if Zack Thorton and the "player to be named later" will contribute to a championship.

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