Why The Mets Should Trade Dillon Gee

by Corey Mansfield

I was talking to my father this weekend and he was shocked when I told him that I felt the Mets should trade Dillon Gee for either a shortstop or first baseman. I've got the same reaction from other Mets' fans I've talked to about this.

(Photo Credit: Corey Mansfield)
Here's why I would trade Dillon Gee...

With all the young arms coming up from the minor leagues over the next few months someone is going to get bumped from the starting rotation. Also, once Matt Harvey returns he'll occupy another spot in the rotation (probably next season). There just isn't enough room for everyone.

Dillon Gee has had a pretty incredible run over the last few games of last season and his first few this season. He's pitched well beyond what his career stats indicate. I don't think Gee's stock is going to get much higher than it is now. The Mets need to deal him now while his stock is at the highest. If the Mets packaged him with a couple prospect they could land a solid shortstop or first baseman.

I like Dillon Gee and I think he's a solid pitcher but fans need to be realistic and understand the Mets have more pitching then they do hitters. It makes sense to trade a pitcher to acquire game changing offensive player.

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