Another Great Day Of Blogging This Time In New Jersey

Yesterday I continued my fourth consecutive day of blogging baseball games by heading to Bridgewater, NJ to watch the Bridgeport Bluefish take on the Somerset Patriots at TD Bank Park.

I've been to games at TD Bank Park many times before and the drive from where I live isn't bad at all. It's pretty much a straight shot down on Interstate 87, and then Interstate 287 which brings you to the exit where the park is. This time I decided to meet up with my cousin who I hadn't seen a long time.

Straight shot down I-87 to I-287
Before we headed to the game we stopped at one of my favorite burger joints "25 Burgers." Every time I'm in Bridgewater, NJ I have to stop by and get a "Maui Burger." They are unbelievable! It's always a nice pre-game meal before heading to the ballpark.

Some of the best burgers I've ever had
Once we got to the ballpark we picked up our tickets and headed in. My cousin informed me it was his first ever baseball game, so it was kind of cool that I got to experience it with him.

It was a good game to watch and a great chance to catch up with my cousin.

A nice picture as well left the stadium (Photo Credit: Corey Mansfield)
After the game we stopped by 7-Eleven to pick up some iced coffee (another tradition I have when I'm in Bridgewater) and I dropped him off at home.

I hope he had as good of a time as I did.

On my way home I stopped at a BP gas station at 10:30pm to fuel up, as gas prices in New Jersey are much cheaper than New York. A little old man who looked Pakistani came out to pump my gas. I handed him my credit card and he began to pump the gas. As I was waiting I was trying to get the Spotify app on my cell phone to work. He finished pumping my gas, handed me my receipt and just stared at me. So I said to him "Sorry, I'll leave in a second just setting something up," and he went nuts. "NO! You don't talk to me!" and I replied "I'm sorry" He came back with "No! No! You don't talk!" Needless to say I rolled up my window and peeled out of the parking lot before the guy got a gun or something. Not sure if something was lost in translation.

After that it was pretty much all interstate the whole way home. I got back to my house a little before 1am and like always walked up stairs and passed out on the bed after another great long day of watching and blogging baseball.

This morning I uploaded the pictures from last night's game. So you can check them out here.

Today, I'll be heading over to Bellizzi Field in Albany, NY to hopefully watch the Albany Dutchmen snap their five game losing streak. Also, It's team poster giveaway for the first 250 fans! This was the picture I took for the team so it will be pretty cool to see it printed out.

Albany Dutchmen team photo I took

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