Logo Review: New Vermont Lake Monsters Logo

This off season the Vermont Lake Monsters decided to makeover their logo. My first thoughts were this logo looks way to cartoonish for a minor league ball club. However, other teams like the Montgomery Biscuits have opted for more kid friendly, cartoonish logos to help grow their brand.

The new logo features their mascot "Champ" with a script that looks like it comes off a pint of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream. 

Vermont Lake Monsters logo transformation (htp://www.sportslogos.net)
I was holding off judgement on the logo until I saw how it fit in with their uniform scheme. Then they released their uniforms and their batting practice cap almost made me nearly cry.
New Vermont Lake Monsters BP cap (http://www.milbstore.com)

I remember a few years ago when Walmart had Sesame Street character hats that looked just like the Lake Monsters new BP cap. It just looks ugly. 

The two other hats the Lake Monsters will be wearing aren't bad actually. Both feature "Champ" poking his head out of the water. I'll probably end up buying one. 

The jerseys will have the "Lake Monsters" script across the front of it with the Lake Monster mascot patch on the sleeve with side panels of blue, white, and green. I do like the addition of more colors to the jerseys. I felt in the past they were a little too plain.

Overall, the uniforms aren't terrible but I liked the previous ones much better. I'm sure the overall re-branding of the team will eventually grow on me.

Here are the pictures of the new uniforms.

New Vermont Lake Monsters uniforms (http://www.vermontlakemonsters.com)

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