Albany Dutchmen Relocate To Siena College

by Corey Mansfield

In a press release today, the Albany Dutchmen announced they are relocating their team to Siena College for the upcoming season.

A Dutchmen flag flies at Belizzi Field in 2016 (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

"The Dutchmen's move from Bob Bellizzi Field at the Christian Plumeri Sports Complex, where they played their last five seasons, comes after the City of Albany and The College of Saint Rose notified them that their lease would not be renewed and plans for the facility would be headed in another direction. The Dutchmen have seen their attendance grow over those five seasons and have established a loyal fan base that the organization believes will be similarly enthusiastic about the game day experience at their new home."

The Dutchmen are a member of the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League (PGCBL). Most of the teams in the league play in former minor league baseball stadiums and have the ability to draw 2,000-4,000 fans a night. However, the Dutchmen were limited in attendance by the capacity at  Plumeri Sports Complex. In 2015, Ballpark Digest calculated the Dutchmen averaged 470 fans per game which ranked them #100 out of 154 teams. In comparison the Elmira Pioneers of the PGCBL were ranked #2 and averaged 3,377 fans a game. The new home of the Dutchmen has the capacity for only 370 seats. However, the team will add seatings down the lines to grow attendance and increase the fan experience. 

"We will have additional seating/viewing areas available. We're working on finalizing logistics on seating down both the lines in addition to the permanent chair back and bleacher seating." said Dutchmen General Manager Jason Brinkman

In addition to the new seating the Dutchmen will be playing at a more state-of-the-art facility which has been upgraded over the last few years and better suits their needs for producing quality baseball players who have ambitions to playing professionally.

The Dutchmen have a great organization and for many years have been at the forefront of marketing for college summer league teams. Every game is a good time and a great experience. However, their biggest flaw was their inability to draw big crowds based on the restraints of Plumeri Sports Complex, St. Rose, and the City of Albany. The Dutchmen can now move forward with their new home which better suits their overall game experience. I totally anticipate their attendance numbers to grow significantly.

The Dutchmen play their home opener at Siena on June 3rd against the Mohawk Valley Diammond Dawgs. 

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