Hobey Baker Eludes Vecchione

by Corey Mansfield

Mike Vecchione didn't win the Hobey Baker last night. However, I wasn't surprised since many ECAC players don't get the respect for this award. It was undeniable he was the best player in college hockey, but the voters thought differently.

Mike Vecchione (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
Many Hobey Baker voters views are skewed by a players prospects for the NHL. A higher draft pick normally gets a player more exposure and more votes. Vecchione was undrafted free agent from a very small school in upstate New York.

I'm not taking anything away from Will Butcher who won the Hobey Baker Award over Vecchione. Butcher is a great player, but he's from Denver University who is a perennial national championship contender every year. Denver also played in a much tougher conference (NCHC).  Butcher was a 5th round draft by the Colorado Avalanche which I believe helped his campaign for this award.

Now that college is behind Vecchione it's time for to turn his sights to his NHL career and helping the Flyers get back to the playoffs and possibly win the Stanley Cup in the future.

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